I’m Starting To Understand Politics (Part 1)…Politicians Aren’t Rocket Scientists

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It’s taken me awhile, but I have figured out politics. I think.

See, I’ve been giving the political system and politicians to darn much credit.

That’s why I was honestly completely and absolutely shocked when the Republican party thought Sarah Palin was a valid candidate for vice president back in 2008. Her gosh-dark-oh-shucks attitude had me stumped. Yes, she is attractive, but has our nation gotten to the point that the political arena has morphed into a beauty contest? For god’s sake, she referred to her husband as the “First Dude.”

I want politicians who are more intelligent than me. Better public speakers than me. Sarah does that tongue click thing that so annoying. That’s why in junior high we made fun of our school librarian! We were young teens and recognized that was not a good thing. I can’t see how it’s OK for a politician.

I kept waiting for the Republican party to laugh and tell us it was a joke and produce a viable candidate for vice president. You know, the person who will step into the President’s shoes should something happen. Yeah, that person.

But they never did. They kept her till the end and then acted all surprised when President Obama was elected. I imagine the head Republican honchos waking up the next morning, muttering over their coffee, pulling at their hair, determined to never make the same mistake again.

The scary thing about all of this: if Sarah Palin was a viable candidate then so am I, my neighbors, you, your neighbors. She set the bar really really low for Republicans.

I was willing to give them some wiggle room, though. I thought Sarah was an anomaly.  But she isn’t. She’s actually a clear representative of today’s politicians. Yes, she might actually be the cream of the crop which is why the Republican party ended up choosing her to run in the first place.

In the day of instant news, a camera and video camera in every phone, nothing is secret any more. So we have had quite a show lately listening to actual elected officials vocalizing their complete miseducation about the female body (remember raped women don’t get pregnant…) and offering relief for poor children (make them work, even if they miss class…). Those stories were drawn from the mouths of actual political people.

States are utilizing misinformation to educate our children about sex (birth control causes cancer, abortions cause cancer…) and science (creationism, anyone?). All under the tutelage of politicians. I thought pronouncing ketchup a vegetable (wouldn’t it really be a fruit?!) was a stretch for Ronald Reagan. But since it is actually made from a real food, I’ll give him that one. But fake science being taught to our children? That’s just plain ignorance…especially since the information is so easily refuted by one Google session.

There’s media battles when politicians get all angry when tapes of their conversations get released. I mean, would you want the world to know you’re willing to go after an opponent’s past mental illness? Or that it’s news that some Republicans don’t think Rush Limbaugh is a good ally?

The stories are endless about the idiocy of Congress. Ninety per cent of the people wanted gun control so Congress refused to pass it. They’ve made it very clear that they no longer represent the American people, but the National Rifle Association (aka NRA). How do we know this? Recent donations from the NRA to congressman was well-documented. So not only are the politicians unintelligent, they are also greedy liars.

Does it scare you as much as it scares me that we have given political control to complete imbeciles? I’m sorry, that might be harsh, but it’s true for many of them. Maybe it’s time some of you regular people start thinking about running for office.

Because something has to give in Washington and the solution might be you!

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