Jodi Arias Trial: The Jury Deliberates

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How would you have liked to have been a juror for the Jodi Arias trial? Four months of trial. Yes, that was four months!!

The last day of testimony–a surrebuttal witness for the defense–lasted hours and hours. He spilled his water twice and burped into the microphone. He was a psychologist brought in to counter the testimony by the prosecution’s psychologist witness. While the prosecution’s witness actually spent time with Jodi to conduct her evaluation the defense’s witness never met her in person.

So how much weight do you think he carries with the jury? After six or seven hours of his testimony, do they just hate him and want him gone? I watched some of the testimony that day and he was not a riveting witness. Other than the gaffes mentioned before, he was droll and didn’t come across as very competent.

I wonder if any of the jurors were thinking the same as me: this is the best surrebuttal witness the defense could find? There was no one who presented more competently?

I was recently called for jury duty. Sitting in the court room while jurors were questioned was boring. It took about three hours. I can’t imagine being in a courtroom for 18 weeks while witness after witness was paraded before me. The length of this trial just seems excessive!

Closing arguments were no better. If you haven’t watched any part of a live trial, it is nothing like Law & Order! Juan Martinez might have his moments, but he’s no Jack McCoy! Martinez’ closing argument took three and a half hours. So did Kirk Nurmi’s. Three and a half hours. Each.

Maybe it’s just me. I might have a really short attention span. But there’s not much I want to do for three and a half hours. Except sleep. I can’t imagine sitting listening to closing arguments for a total of seven hours.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to Jodi Arias. I think past trials have taught us that none of us can guess how the jury will vote. O.J. Simpson. Casey Anthony. It’s always a surprise.

I feel most sorry for the family and friends of Travis Alexander. They have watched their loved one’s reputation smeared and his private life exposed to all. A seemingly nice guy (three previous women had nothing bad to say about him as a partner) met Jodi Arias and together they created the perfect storm. Which ended in the death of a young man who had the brightest of futures according to those who knew him.

I guess in the end, no matter what the jury decides, no one really wins.

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  1. Great piece! I can honestly say if I were on that jury it would not have taken me so long to deliberate. Decision just seems sooo obvious!! You are right, tho, no one really wins……

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