It’s Almost Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. And the question on everyone’s mind in KlineLand is, “what do you want?!”

It’s so hard this year because I want…nothing, really. World peace. Cliche, I know, but I mean it. A nice family dinner with laughter and teasing. One week without angst of any kind.

See, I’m a simple girl!

Plus I’ve been trying to do that less-is-more life style. Which my new found love of card making–yes, again!–isn’t helping. But I don’t want things…

Yesterday I finally used one of the two gift certificates for massages I got for last year on Mother’s Day and my birthday. This year they are the same day. It was so nice and relaxing. Plus the masseuse (Carrie at the Elements Massage in Bloomingdale) was fun. I laughed and enjoyed the conversation while getting a massage. Perfect day.

This year I will be 47 years old–oops, I mean something with a 9 in it…29!–and I have everything I want. Or I just buy it when I want it. Except for my convertible. I’m still waiting for that. With the current sun rash I have, the desire to own a convertible seems pretty impractical. I bet my dermatologist would be in heaven if I get one though. A convertible…not another rash. Well, he would appreciate the rash.

Maybe I should just ask for full-body sun protection. That would save all of us from the pain of my complaining…

2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Mother’s Day

  1. I left a great msg on here about wanting nothing but homemade gifts from the kids—still. And how they don’t seem to get that. Lost it somehow…. Oh well, you get it, right?

    • I understand completely. I still get handmade cards from the boys–because I hate the idea of spending big bucks on store bought cards! grrrr I hope you get something wonderfully handmade for Mother’s Day!

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