My Fairy Garden Brought To You By Miracle-Gro

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Have you heard about The Gro Project? It's a place to find inspiration and to tell your own growing tale, brought to you by Miracle Gro, the garden pros! The Gro Project is a place to make gardening easy for new gardeners and old gardeners, too! Check out this great video explaining the The Gro Project.

I've been gardening for awhile now and am still looking for inspiration. I love Pinterest for ideas, and love that Miracle Gro has its own fun garden projects Pinterest page. You can also find help and descriptions of products on Miracle-Gro's website.

I was inspired last summer to create a container garden in an old bird bath. It was here when we moved into this house and has never properly held water. I tried using a bath plug, but the kids used it as a ball. No plug=no water for the birds. So it sat collecting leaves and debris every season until I was inspired to create a container garden.

This is what it looked like last year:

And here it is this spring. I love the idea of fairy gardens and wanted to use an old bird house that was lying around. I'm still looking for the perfect stones for a little path. It also needs a few more small flowers–don't fairies love color?! But the plants are looking spectacular! This is my first time planting succulents–wish me luck!

Using Moisture Control Potting Mix is a great way to keep your plants healthy and alive during the hot days of summer. Using plant foods like LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit and Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food also help!

I'd love to hear about your container gardening projects. And your fairy gardens! There's so much inspiration!

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2 thoughts on “My Fairy Garden Brought To You By Miracle-Gro

  1. I am going to try a succulent fairy garden as soon as I find a nice shady spot. It is 113 here today and no relief in site. Succulents need drainage and are drought tolerant so they are perfect here. mgs

    • I don’t know much about succulents even though I’ve planted some. My mom always had some growing on rocks when I was a kid. Send pictures of your fairy garden! And where do you live? I’m here in Chicagoland chilly today!

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