Rudest Lady On Earth Descends On Dunkin’ Donuts

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Have you read this article? Or seen the video? Here’s the gist of the story: woman storms into a Dunkin’ Donuts, breathing fire because she didn’t get her receipt the evening before and now wants free food. The store has a no-receipt-your-order-is-free policy. She brandishing her cell phone, recording the encounter, letting everyone know that she’s posting it on Facebook and it will go viral!

The good news: it did go viral. The bad news: not for the reasons she thought.

She storms into the store the morning after, announcing that the conversation is under “video surveillance.” Unfortunately, the young man she encounters was not working the previous evening. He did handle her graciously and respectfully.

She, on the other hand, threatens, insults, and eventually trails off in a racist rant that she recorded with the hopes that the poor Dunkin’ Donuts employee who stiffed her her receipt would be shamed for eternity.

The offending employee does make an appearance and it seems the Great Avenger wants to lunge over the counter to physically assault her. Luckily there are witnesses and it’s being recorded. The employee meekly goes about her coffee-making-donut-serving business, not even looking at Psycho Woman. Psycho Woman screams racist taunts, threatens her, and generally makes an ass of herself.

Honestly, what did this woman think was going to happen? That angry hoards would descend on the store carrying pitchforks and torches to burn it to the ground? All because they didn’t give her a receipt?

It’s clear early on that she’s not quite right. With the threats of going to Mars and blowing up the Dunkin’ Donuts and her lawyer being involved, she simply appears deranged.

She posts the video on her Facebook page which she later shut down because of the negative reactions she was getting. I guess her friends didn’t find her behavior very sympathetic. The comments on the YouTube video are worth reading, by the way.

The lesson to be learned here is that your behavior better at least match the behavior of the other person if you want to appear the victim. Ranting and raving at an employee who remains calm and silent doesn’t help your case at all. It makes you look like a giant bully. Also, you won’t get much sympathy if you start calling the person racist names. There are some words that just aren’t used any more. And for good reason.

Oh, and never ever declare a video “viral” before uploading it. That’s just bad luck.

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