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This year’s hostas…well, some of them!

As I’ve wandered my neighborhood, I’ve seen something that has me alarmed. I am talking about fake flowers in your outdoor gardens.

Yes, people in my neighborhood jam clusters of plastic flowers into their gardens and pass them off as…well, I’m not sure what their end goal is.

Do they want flowers but lack a green thumb? Garden centers and big box stores sell lovely pre-planted containers. All you need to do is take it home, find a location, and water daily. If it’s in the sun, maybe water twice a day on the really hot summer days.

Do you want color in your garden? See the above. Also, you could plant a few annuals. Petunias are my personal favorite. They work as well in the ground as they do in containers. Seeds are super easy. Sprinkle a packet of seeds for a variety garden (cutting, butterfly, English, etc.) and you can have flowers for years. They die, seeds drop off, and they start all over next summer!

Do you want people to think you are a garden master? Plastic flowers aren’t doing it. Especially when you simply stab them into the dirt by their plastic stems.

Do you want a garden with little work? Consider perennials. Clematis can be super easy to grow. They flower all summer, bush out great, and can be quite dramatic! If you’re feeling really gardener-ly, try roses. A few bushes go a long way. They’re also easy to care for: prune in the spring and after blooms fade. Peonies can take a few years to take hold, but when they do they have longevity on their side. My personal favorite perennial is the hosta. I cannot say enough good things about this low-maintenance, hardy plant! I love them!

Do you have no idea where to start? The internet is filled with gardening tips and information. Start searching and you’ll find what you need! Local garden centers can be helpful too. Plus they have the advantage of knowing what thrives in your specific location.

All I’m trying to do is help…and banishing the site of plastic flowers. They barely belong inside and when put outside it’s a big insult to Mother Nature!


One thought on “PSA: Garden Chat

  1. your hostas are beautiful~!
    i would love to see more of your garden in future posts as you clearly have a green thumb.

    thank you for your visit to my blog and for the kind comments. i’m pleased that you like my fabric postcards and photography and hope that you will feel free to return.


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