Texas Senator Wendy Davis: The Hero Wore A Catheter

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By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Senator Wendy Davis, the Texas senator who filibustered for 11 hours, preventing the passage of a restrictive anti-abortion law that would have basically made the state clinic-less. She’s been all over the news. All over the internet. Even her shoes–she grabbed her dusty running shoes as she went out the door–have become an internet sensation. She took them with her as she left in the morning because she knew she’d be standing for quite awhile last Tuesday.

Stand she did. She stood and talked non-stop. Stayed on topic. Talked. Talked. Talked.

And prevented the bill from being passed. Even though the opposing team tried to turn back time to get it passed on time.

I know you’ve heard this…and I hope you admire Senator Davis half as much as I do. But do you know that Senator Davis wore a catheter for her filibuster?!

She. Wore. A. Catheter.

She didn’t take the offered IV drip but she did take the catheter. While filibustering, the speaker isn’t allowed food, drink, or to leave the floor for any reason. They also aren’t allowed to veer off-topic or sit down. Senator Davis faced even harsher restrictions as the opposition also wouldn’t allow her ice chips and hard candy–which are usually allowed for other politicians.

This is a seriously dedicated politician. She came prepared to fight, armed with information and stories, and she prevailed.

Seriously, though, they wouldn’t let her sit? Go to the bathroom? Have a drink of water? Isn’t that torture?

I’m serious here…we give prisoners better treatment after murdering gazillion people but we can’t give something to people working the democratic process?!

This is where we’ve ended up, people. In order to win, one side fights dirty and the other side works their asses off. While one side bases all their platform on the ideals of a few rich white men, the other side listens to the people and responds to them on their own level. While one single woman dons a catheter, the other side refuses her food and water.

But you elected them. These are the people you’ve chosen to represent you. Mean, cantankerous, vengeful people. Don’t you deserve better?

P.S. Losing doesn’t count these days in politics, so a special session has been called to pass this (and two other issues that were lost in the shuffle). Texans, don’t you wonder where the money for this special session is coming from? What cost politics?!


2 thoughts on “Texas Senator Wendy Davis: The Hero Wore A Catheter

  1. While I agree with the senator’s stand I have to question why filibusters are even allowed. They muck up the whole process, especially in Washington. Think of how many times over the last 6 years the mere threat of a filibuster has killed a bill in the house and senate. It’s a bully tactic. And if they are going to be allowed, the rules in Washington should be made harsh, as they are in Texas, to force these people to actually do their jobs and work towards a common goal. Maybe we should fire every single one of them and go to a true Democracy, cut out the middle man.

    • Shannon, usually I hate filibusters. But this one just seems…right. In recent history, they’ve been abused to thwart every action of our president. We need congress reform!

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