Yes I Am Pro Choice, No I Don’t Worship The Devil

Last week I nearly went on an unfriend spree on Facebook when links appeared to articles about the Texas pro-choice protesters being devil worshipers. It seems several “trustworthy” news sources (e.g., having “red” or “conservative” in their titles) reported that there were women chanting “Hail Satan” at the protests.

I did my research. I looked for a reliable news source. Hell, I would have even read something by Fox. I did find something at MSN, but I got the feeling from the comments that the source might not be neutral.

I saw a video of one girl walking by saying something. People have assured me she’s saying “hail satan.” But on my video it looks a little off. Another source said five women were chanting the offensive phrase. Five women can not be representative of the tens of thousands of women at the protest.

Still the stories were shared on my Facebook feed with comments like: “see who you’re really supporting when you support abortion” and “forgive them, they know not what they do.” Lumping all the pro-choice women in with the devil-worshipers. How offensive is that?!

See, I am vehemently pro-choice. I will fight for the rights of everyone. Even for the rights of people whose opinions I disagree with. It’s what America is all about.

But lately there has been a change in our country. We are no longer a nation founded on religious freedom, respectful of all people despite their differences. We have become a nation at war with ourselves: the people who wish to support the original wishes of our founding fathers and the people who want to control everyone with their narrow views. Instilling their limited brand of religion into politics where they don’t belong.┬áCalling people who disagree with them devil worshipers is just another weapon in their arsenal.

I guess that’s easier than actually being educated on what happens during a woman’s reproductive cycle, what is included in a rape kit, and what happens during a rape. It’s easier to spread fear and disinformation than actual facts. It’s also more profitable (getting Koch brother money) to stomp on women’s rights than to actually earn campaign donations from pleased constituents.

Where I come from, Jesus taught us we had free will. We get to decide what we do and deal with the consequences. But in today’s society, the politicians want to dictate their values on anyone under their control. Unfortunately, it always ends up being women and minorities, but that’s a discussion for a different day.

They preach their twisted message from God, scaring people who disagree with them with eternal damnation, and reaping the benefits. Although I’m not sure what benefits come from forcing women under any and all circumstances to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. Add to it a reluctance to allow birth control and we’ve got a hot mess of not making sense soup.

Basically, we’re battling over a woman’s free will. It’s her body, her choice. It is a decision to be made between a woman, her partner, and her doctor.

No one else needs to be involved. No one else needs to make judgments. No one else gets a voice.

See, it’s not devil worship. It’s human rights.

2 thoughts on “Yes I Am Pro Choice, No I Don’t Worship The Devil

  1. Saw these, too, & just KNEW you were going to write about it! Just remember not all of us Pro-Lifers believe Pro-Choicer’s are devil worshippers. Or that we all heard the chants on the video…..I listened & could not make out the words clearly either. Nor do I think the opinion of a few represent the whole group. I found it all bery distasteful!

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