Media Free Week, No News Updates From Me Unless It’s Happy Fluffy News

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After last week’s exhausting news developments, I decided I need a break. Remember when I declared Motherhoot a happy shiny place? Full of fluffy clouds and cuddly bunnies? Pictures of kittens and puppies? Well, I meant to declare that at some point. Then I got a little activist going. Health At Every Size. Reproductive. Women’s. Environment. Justice.

I don’t know about you, but I need a break from the media. I have gotten obsessed. I am spending good emotional energy worrying about things that I cannot change. At least not in the big picture. I will do my best to change my little part of the world, but I need a break from saving everyone.

So I’m cutting myself off from the news. It’s going to be hard since I have a ritual of going through the Yahoo news articles. Sharing and commenting, and ingesting the drama from all over the world from things happening to other people.

It’s time to center myself. Take a deep breath and look for the fluffy things again. Cheery, happy things.

Oh, I also considered kicking my Facebook game addiction at the same time. Then I figured out my head would explode so I’m delaying that. Can you send me some Bubble Witch Saga lives, please?!

4 thoughts on “Media Free Week, No News Updates From Me Unless It’s Happy Fluffy News

  1. I did the same thing. I actually do not watch the news any longer. I read what I want in the newspapers online. Watching the news is just to hard. Everything is negatively focused. Good stories aren’t shared too readily.

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