For God’s Sake, Let’s Leave The Royal Family Alone

Yes, by now you’ve heard about the young and future King George being born to William and Kate earlier this week. And no one has shut up since.

I was more excited about the baby than the wedding. Just because I love love love babies and find weddings to be meh.

Babies are hope and promise. They are adorable and they smell wonderful.

They need you to take care of them to survive. They need you to love them and like them and guide them.

Every single day is a new day and they learn something new. Think your child’s teething is annoying? Imagine what this little bundle of joy is experiencing…the pain and agony of a bony thing breaking through the skin! Breaking the skin! You’d be crying and grumpy too. That’s what every day is like in the life of a new child!

I was so proud of Kate when she appeared outside the hospital, beaming, to show off her baby with her post-birth stomach looking a lot like her pre-delivery stomach. Yes, people, that’s what a real life pregnant woman looks like just days after giving birth. Not like the celebrity and fauxlebrity who slap on the spanx and call in the personal trainers.

Real mothers have stomachs and apparently Kate has created a stir by even showing hers. Leave her alone! She has more important things to worry about. Really, there are things that are more important that physical appearance. Shocking, I know.

On Facebook someone posted a picture of how the royal baby was strapped into his car seat incorrectly. Just another thing to criticize. I understand the safety issues. But throwing in the obligatory comment about Princess Diana’s death in a car accident was cruel.

Another post on Facebook pointed out that the royal baby really means nothing because he’s not Jesus. Yes, you read that right. We have no right to be excited about the royal baby because he’s not Jesus. Babies are exciting! I’m sure Jesus is horrified people say things like that. He seems like the kind of guy who might have been excited about babies.

I just don’t get the negativity about something like this. I think it’s a sad reflection on the people creating these posts rather than the Royals.

One thought on “For God’s Sake, Let’s Leave The Royal Family Alone

  1. I agree. I give them congratulations and let’s let them be. We wouldn’t want to be followed around, so we should extend the same courtesy.

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