50 in 2013: Bombshell by Catherine Coulter

I think I might have to retire Catherine Coulter from my reading list. The last few novels from her have been less than riveting. In this age of reading materials at a premium, life is to short to read books that don’t excite you. Her latest novel, Bombshell, was not exciting at all.

This is the latest in her FBI thriller series; the 17th to be exact. Initially I loved the series. Then came the inevitable dabbling into paranormal, which seems gratuitous instead of honest and natural. Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savage, the married FBI agents, continue to evolve into cutout characters without flaws or depth. Reading about their perfection does nothing to advance the story lines.

Griffin Hammersmith has been recruited by Dillon Savage for the FBI. On his way to D.C., he learns about an attack on his sister, who is a student at the music school in Maestro, Virginia. She has no recollection of what happened when she returned to her apartment after a party at a professor’s home. Meanwhile, back in D.C., Savage and Sherlock are investigating the death of the college-aged grandson of the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. His body was posed provocatively at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial and people are wondering if it is a revenge killing for the poor financial decisions made by his grandfather. In both cities, people aren’t who they appear to be and the bodies start piling up.

This isn’t the worst book I’ve read, but it isn’t exciting either. I give it a solid meh.

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