50 in 2013: Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Are you ready for this? I absolutely loved Glass Houses by Rachel Caine! I read it in one day. Devoured it, actually. Then I was sad it was done. But it’s the first book in a continuing series, so I’m not all that bereft. In fact, book 15,¬†Daylighters, will be released this November.

Claire Danvers, child prodigy, goes off to college. Because her parents want her nearby, she attends Texas Prairie Tech, in the strange town of Morganville, Texas. She starts off on the wrong foot with fellow students and that’s when the mean-girl activities start. When her life is actually threatened, she decides a place off-campus is exactly what she needs to survive her freshman year. When she finds herself in front of the Glass House, it’s not exactly calling her name. But she’s whisked inside for her own safety and they let her stay.

Because Morganville isn’t just strange. It’s downright spooky. Vampires rule the town, letting humans live in safety if they play by the rules. Claire hasn’t played by the rules and needs to keep on her toes. Luckily, her three roommates have her back. Because nothing in Morganville is what is seems on the surface. Maybe no one plays by the rules…

I was more than half-way done with this book before I realized it was a young adult novel. No, I’m not completely clueless, it was just so riveting. The writing is excellent, the characters are probably, and I absolutely believe that vampires exist in Morganville, Texas. This is the way paranormal needs to be written.

I discovered this book when I was looking for something else to read. Link after link led me to a recommendation for it and I got it from the local library.

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