50 in 2013: Heartsick by Chelsea Caine

50 in 2013 copyAnother one I loved. Heartsick is unlike any book I have ever read before. Chelsea Caine has introduced a set of characters I cannot wait to read more about.

Detective Archie Sheridan is thoroughly flawed. Female serial killer Gretchen Lowell does her job horrifically well. Heartsick weaves together the tales of a current police investigation and the torture of Sheridan at the hands of Lowell two years earlier.

Detective Archie Sheridan is two years into medical leave after Gretchen Lowell, the female serial killer he was pursuing, kidnapped, tortured, nearly killed him, and, inexplicably, turned herself in to save his life. He is called back to the job when another serial killer surfaces; this time one hunting young high school girls. Sheridan is addicted to pain pills, addicted to his weekly visits to Lowell at a nearby prison, and doing his best to keep the body count from rising. In order to appease the city and the press, this time around he agrees to have a local reporter, pink-haired Susan Ward, profile him and the work on the case. What he learns is that the present is always linked to the past and some people are so good at manipulation you don’t know until it’s to late.

Caine weaves the present-day investigation with flashbacks of the torture of Sheridan at the hands of Lowell. There is nothing more chilling in anything I’ve read than Lowell’s description of how she killed a victim. I’m not sure I can crochet ever again…

This novel is equal parts horror and hope. While Archie’s visits to Lowell are to learn about more of her victims, there is also a link between the two that gave me the creeps. But he has an ex-wife and children who could give him the light necessary to excise the dark that Lowell imposes on his world. If only he will let them. Susan Ward is a delightfully flawed journalist with her own links to Lowell.

Number one in a series…you know I’m one happy reader!

I checked this out from the Roselle Public Library.

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