50 in 2013: Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

50 in 2013 copy

I bought this book for my e-reader eons ago.

I don’t know how she does it, but each Jennifer Crusie book I read becomes my favorite. I’ve been stuck on Agnes & The Hitman (co-written with Bob Mayer) for quite awhile, but now I’m declaring Maybe This Time as my new (latest?!) favorite.

After ten years of being divorced, Andie Miller visits her ex-husband, North Archer, to return all the alimony checks he had sent. She’s engaged to another man and needs to close the door on her relationship with North. It doesn’t matter that she hasn’t seen nor spoken to him in any of those ten years. Somehow she ends up agreeing to be a nanny for the orphaned children of a distant cousin in his care. Nannies have been coming and going. There are wild stories about ghosts at the remote mansion where they live. He just needs the children to feel secure enough to be moved to his house.

Andie finds the ghosts, the kids, servants…and a nosy reporter who’s looking for her next big break. Her former brother-in-law brings the reporter, who brings the paranormal investigator, the psychic, and her cameraman. Andie’s mother comes to see what’s happening. Her mother-in-law does the same. And North follows, not quite ready to let Andie go.

Yet another book that goes against the claim I don’t like paranormal books. I guess as long as it’s done right I can handle. I just wish I knew how to define “right.” Because the ghosts in this book are perfectly done.

Andie is a wonderful character, as are the two children in her care. Crusie doesn’t spend a lot of time on description, but through actions and words you get a real sense of who these characters would be in real life.

As with every Crusie book I’ve read, I was sorry to see it end. I want to know the daily ins and outs of these kooky, lovable people.

This is a must-read. As with all the other Crusie books I’ve read, I’ll be re-reading this one again soon. I want to go back to southern Ohio…


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