Fat Chat: First I Was Excited…Then I Was Disappointed

Did you know it’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week? Check out this site for links to great articles and information. If you’re fat, you’ll find inspiration. If you’re not fat, you’ll find inspiration.

weight stigma 2013I came across a post/article recently, that got me all excited. A woman wrote about being on television and her boss not being happy with the clothes she was choosing to wear on camera. She also happened to be fat.

Why did I get excited? I thought, “Alright! Someone’s going to start bringing fat women fashionable clothes to wear! Because if anyone can do it, someone on TV will!” I am naive like that.

Why was I disappointed? Because the article was about how the woman didn’t ask for better clothes or a stylist. Instead, she lost weight, found the weight loss gods, and is living happily ever after. She was touting her new book, which of course will help humankind lose weight forever and ever. This is why there are no links to her information.

To be clear, her bosses never once said she had to lose weight. She read between the lines, and decided weight loss was the answer because she wasn’t dressing well. Seems like a stretch to me.

She could have been a hero to women every where. She could have designed her own clothing line. She could have…done anything but jump on the diet book bandwagon.

This woman is incredibly successful at what she does. She goes onto television to talk about what she knows. She is considered an expert in her field.

And it wasn’t enough. At least not for her.

This ties into my recent post about being tired of the pretty people. Maybe there are a lot of experts out there who feel a little dumpy, a little unsure of themselves, so they are hiding. These experts are letting the pretty people who are their intellectual equals get the spotlight because they are unhappy with how they look.

How messed up is this?! Don’t get me wrong, I do it too.

But we have to stop! Bodies come in all shapes and all sizes. There are men. There are women. There are short people. There are tall people.

In the end, we’re all basically rocking the same body parts, just in different ways. It’s society that says which proportion of bodies are the ones that are “attractive.” Why do we fall for it time and time again?!

How many less than “beautiful” (beautiful being a nonsensical term because I think everyone is beautiful) experts sit at home on their hands, watching someone on television talk about something they know inside and out?

Right now, make a vow to not do that any longer. Get yourself out there. Let people know that you are an expert. Let people know that you have a talent, a dream, a passion. Share it. It’s your gift to the world.

Together we can change the definition of “beautiful.” You know we can…


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