The Republican Party Has Have Gone Over The Edge: Anything To Save Their Sperm

palmNormally I try to very hard to not overtly slam the Republicans. I tell myself I don’t want to offend people. Oh, dear, advertisers! Relatives!

Except this time I am so skeeved out by this ad that I cannot contain myself. I’m not even embedding this in the post because it has made me so furious.

Backtracking here, I am normally not a thin-skinned person. I don’t see Halloween costumes called “Naughty Kitty” and immediately think “sex.” I don’t see little girls licking lollipops as being sexual. I don’t look at Kodak print ads of tree branches and think sex.

But this pap smear being administered by Creepy Uncle Sam (aka CUS) gave me nightmares. I resisted watching for so long. I think my brain was trying to tell me something. But I watched…and am completely perplexed by the message being sent.

As most women will tell you, being spread-legged in your doctor’s office with your feet in stirrups is not a pleasant thing. I’ve never been a woman who enjoys her pelvic exams. I’m not saying those women don’t exist, but I don’t know any of them. Which is why seeing this young woman wondering where the hell her doctor went and then seeing this caricature of Uncle Sam appear between her knees is awful.

Whoever created this ad is a demented, woman-hating, sadistic bastard. And they were hired by the Republican party to create this ad as a way to encourage young people to forego health coverage. Because we know young people are never in accidents and never get sick. Not!

When CUS pinches the forceps at the end, I wanted to punch him in the puppet face and kick him in the balls. That’s how much he pushed all my buttons. I cannot be the only one.

Moving past all the woman-hating that went on to create this piece of dreck, I am going to point out the outright absolute hypocritical message of this ad.

The Republicans don’t want anyone to have health care. They can’t even pass a budget bill without attaching pieces about birth control and abortion. They are morally and politically against the vagina.

Except when it comes to probing our uteruses (or is it uteri?!) with ultrasound wands if we want abortions. Then it’s okay. Because women need to be punished for having sex and wasting the almighty man’s sperm. That’s what it boils down to. You know it. I know it. They know it.

But the hypocritical buffoonery doesn’t stop there. Because Republicans want babies born something terrible, they are willing to cut off all aid to women and children in need. Because once a baby is born, they want nothing to do with it. They think fairies morph out of the landscape and provide food, shelter, day care…it certainly doesn’t take money! Or government assistance!

Here’s their train of thought: abortion is bad, birth control is bad, sex is bad, women are bad, abortion is bad, children are bad. There’s no making these people happy.

I wish I could say these were only men doing this. But there are Republican women who believe these things also. Apparently, they nor anyone they know has ever enjoyed sex. I almost feel kind of bad for them. Not! I’m guessing the Republican men they are sleeping with have strange pap smear fetishes that make sex an uncomfortable subject…


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  1. Susie,
    I tried posting before but I don’t think it went through. I applaud you for this post – and I agree 100%. Thank you for saying what more of us ought to be.

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