I Love The Kaufmans!

The Kaufmans

The Kaufmans

Do you know the Swiffer commercials featuring the older Jewish couple? Lee and Morty Kaufman? I love them. I love them so much that I’ve tweeted and posted on Facebook about them.

And last week at Aaron’s cast change, I made a reference to them. When the tissue holding cast remains moved and some dust and cotton got on the floor, I said, “Oh Lee and Morty won’t like this at all. Get the Swiffer.”

I got an even stranger look from the doctor and the technician than I got when I did the evil laughter when Aaron said he was scared of the reciprocating saw. Yeah, I’m that mom.

There is something about the Kaufman’s that appeals to me. Maybe it’s that I’ve always wished I were Jewish. It’s a little strange that a German Catholic girl from middle Kansas wants to be Jewish. But I grew up reading Rhea Kohan novels and thought the whole Jewish culture was so much cooler than mine. Then there was The Nanny. Now Howard Wolowitz. You can understand my obsession.

I think Lee and Morty are probably great parents. For goodness sake, they still dance in the kitchen. Sure, they’re not quite humming the same tune. But they’re old. Maybe their hearing is impaired.

Lee is the kind of mother who brings you matzo ball soup and hot tea when you feel bad. She slips into Yiddish when she gets angry. She adores her grandchildren and spoils them all rotten.

Morty adores Lee and his children. He’s full of great advice and always willing to lend a hand.

See how much I’ve thought about this?! I wish they would adopt me…


One thought on “I Love The Kaufmans!

  1. You’re obsessed!!!! But I must confess….I love them, I have even backed up the tv to rewatch one of their commercials!!! They are sooooooo cute. Maybe, Mark & I will grow up to be them! Now that said, Sisser, I think you are obsessed!! ;-))

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