I Am Not Wearing Pink In October

palmI like the color pink. It’s pretty. It’s versatile. But its beauty has been diminished by its relationship to breast cancer.

To many advertisers have jumped on the pink wagon to sell as many products as possible on the coat tails of the pink ribbon. Yogurt. Energy drinks. Makeup. Oh so many more.

After watching Pink Ribbons, Inc. my eyes have been opened to the ways marketing companies are using cancer as a selling tool. They’ve learned that packaging something in pink will help sell a product. But where is the real benefit for breast cancer research and support?

Of the millions of dollars these products rake in in October, a very small percentage will actually find its way to helping breast cancer in any way. Most will end up in the pockets of the corporations. In some cases the products, such as some cosmetics, actually contain carcinogens while blowing the pink ribbon horn.

Football players are sporting pink shoes and pink towels this month. Maybe the National Football Association should have just donated all the money it cost to purchase these pink items. Because a hulking football player running through the mud in pink shoes isn’t curing cancer. But money will help.

If you really want to donate money to breast cancer research, just write a check. Find an honorable and responsible research facility that is truly looking for a cure. They need your money. Just don’t expect to get some cute pink thing in return.

Here’s an excellent blog post on other events in October that are offensive.

2 thoughts on “I Am Not Wearing Pink In October

  1. Yep

    I refuse to give money to the “Think Pink” cause.
    I write my cheque directly to a place that I know will get 100% of it and not a penny less.
    Good for you Susie – more people need to know the truth about pink!!


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