Ah Gee, Papa John’s Reputation Is Taking A Hit

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Many months ago, the owner of Papa John’s Pizza announced he would be doing what he could to prevent his employees from getting insurance through their employer. He didn’t agree with the new provisions of the Affordable Healthcare Act. (To be fair, I will include this link to a piece written by Papa John’s creator and CEO explaining how his words were manipulated. I’d like to point out that the date was after President Obama won the election and the Affordable Healthcare Act was going to exist.) Now his words are coming back to haunt him and his brand’s reputation is taking a hit.

I understand the United States is a capitalist society. We all are taught we want more: things, money, things… But what happens when the people who already have a lot do what they can to keep it from those who have very little?

That’s where we get the main difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans look at the rich owners and think, “Yahoo! That will be me one day! Money! Money! Money!” While Democrats look at the underlings making minimum wage or slightly more and think, “There, but for the grace of God go I. And I’d better help that little guy because that’s why I’m here.”

I even understand the mentality for Papa John (may I call you Papa John?) to stiff someone to keep raking in the big bucks. But maybe he (and the other business owners who voiced similar plans to crap all over employees) shouldn’t have been so vocal about it. Seems like that’s something you do in the super secret boardroom where no one talks about what goes on. You really don’t want to do this when it comes out that providing employee benefits costs you less then a dime a pizza.

But you did it. You went and said it. Now your brand is shot. I haven’t eaten at Papa John’s in ages. Since I heard about Papa John’s whining. I love Papa John’s pizza, but I will do without before I will add a single penny to the pockets of someone who has so little empathy.

The list of businesses I refuse to support grows steadily as business people make their intentions known. I fell in love with Elizabeth Warren for her thoughts about this.

You see, Papa John, you didn’t get to be a big business pizza man without the people under you. There’s the people making the pizzas, the people taking the orders, the people cleaning the stores…those are the people doing the work for you. Those are the people earning the money for you.

And you want to keep them from having health insurance. That sucks.

(In the article I referenced at the beginning, the owner of Applebee’s was also discussed. However, all the Applebee’s nearby have closed. Apparently, a franchise owner has suffered financial problems.)


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