Body Positive Parenting: My New Project

I am so excited! You know how things just happen in this inter-connected world? That happened for me and I am pumped!

On Facebook, I have created a group called Body Positive Parenting, combining two of my passions: parenting and practicing Health At Every Size. It’s hard to raise our kids in this appearance/thin obsessed world. In this day and age when eating disorders among children are on the rise, we need all the resources we can get to help out kids survive childhood.

I’ll be doing research. We’ll be having conversations. Hopefully the end result will be raising healthy, happy young people with a greater appreciation for themselves.

Many of us grew up with negative messages about appearance, weight, and popularity. It’s hard not to repeat the patterns we learned from that. But we will work together to re-learn  ways to talk to our kids about being healthy, without dragging a number (aka weight) into the mix.

I’d love your thoughts, ideas, suggestions about this! Feel free to contact me!

And don’t forget to join the group! It’s closed to keep out spammers and trolls, but I’m checking it often.


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