Spinal Tap Isn’t Just A Movie

palmYesterday I had my first ever lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap). And I didn’t even get to see the movie!

Instead, I laid on a metal table, while they moved an xray machine around trying to find the perfect opening to do the puncture. This is called a lumbar puncture (LP) with fluoroscopy. And it sounds so much better than a blind lumbar puncture where they just poke the needle around until they found an opening.

I was lucky because everything went well. I didn’t even get the headache everyone told me I would have. I did have to lie around on my back all day. And as fun as that might sound, it was tedious!

Why did I have this done? Because I’ve had endless headaches all summer long. Giant, killer, annoying headaches. And vision changes. And hearing changes.

Which lead to a doctor visit which led to an MRI and an ophthalmologist visit which led to a neurologist visit which led to the LP. You know how these things spin out of control.

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. Probably another genetic thing. The women in my family are genetically weak for some reason. We have been gifted with all sorts of issues–some quite rare. I should find out more information by the end of the week.

Since I’ve been playing Dr. Google (that’s what the doctor who did the procedure yesterday called it) I have a list of things that this can be. Some are mild. Some are serious. Some I’m not even sure exist but I’ve convinced myself they do. I haven’t been all that far off on my self-diagnosis attempts in the past; I usually get something in the ball park when I do it on my own. It’s a game I play with my internist.

I’m waffling between joy because the headaches have gotten better with the cooler weather to pure terror at dying soon. Yeah, that’s how my mind works.

Of course, this is all wasted energy because I have no idea what is wrong with me! Luckily I am aware of that and can rein myself in pretty quickly when I go down the wrong path.

Hopefully I’ll get an answer soon and life will go on. After multiple surgeries (Aaron and Jim) this is just an extra thing I don’t need or want. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep on blogging.


One thought on “Spinal Tap Isn’t Just A Movie

  1. STOP doing research on the internet!!! It’s scary & sooooo often misleading!
    Put your Dr. Google license in the shredder & let your healthcare providers do their job……well, if they can……there are so many that are not up to date on the myriad of ailments that affect the females in our family…….and we have to help them, I know. :-)))

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