How Not To Celebrate Halloween. Or Anything. Ever.

halloween 2013I grabbed this image from the new tumbler, We Don’t Need An Excuse. Read this. Process this.

Do you know what a total and complete asshat douche canoe someone has to be to pass this out at Halloween?!

For god’s sake, turn off your porch light and hide in the dark. But don’t be a jerk to the neighbor kids. Yeah, you’re probably the one who keeps the balls when they roll into your yard and yells when someone steps on your grass. So it’s not like you’ll be missed or anything at the block party.

If you are someone who feels that this is the right thing to do I have a few questions:

1) What, exactly, is moderate obesity? Do you have a scale hidden under the welcome mat? Is this something that can be seen with the naked eye?

2) When did sugar and treats become completely off limits? Are you so sure that I, as a parent, need your input into my child’s diet?

3) Who appointed you king or queen of this neighborhood?

4) What happens if my kid is fat? Maybe it’s not as terrible as you’ve been led to believe.

I’m not linking to the links that answer some of these questions. Check out these bloggers, who do some great work with the science behind the madness instead.

Dances With Fat

Fat Chick Sings

Body Love Wellness

And eat a Snickers…you’re not acting right!


2 thoughts on “How Not To Celebrate Halloween. Or Anything. Ever.

  1. I DID eat a snickers in response to this post, Sisser!!! A great post. You make excellent points. I wish I could reach through the iPhone I am using right now & throttle this person!! Part of me wonders if it wasn’t a stunt to get some ill-needed attention.

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