Kmart Gets Screwed No Matter What It Does

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /

I’m not a fan of Kmart. I couldn’t tell you in 100 words or less why that is. But I feel really sorry for them right now, and just might go shop there to show some solidarity against the absolutely insane American consumer.

Suddenly, shopping on Thanksgiving is something bad. Since Kmart answered the cry of the consumer and decided to stay open 41 hours straight on Thanksgiving, the consumer has turned around and called the retailer out on being “unfamily.”┬áBut isn’t that exactly what consumers want? Don’t you want to shop on Thanksgiving?

Or is it more joyful to shop at midnight when retail employees should be snug in their beds but you want to be snagging the latest and greatest Mickey Mouse waffle maker? You need one of the four available $20 DVD players so you’ll stand in line until the store opens at three in the morning?

Does the American consumer not understand that there are employees working all these insane hours? Suddenly some hours are more insane than others?!

I’ve never understood middle of the night shopping. Thanksgiving is usually cold here in the Midwest. So who wants to go out in the cold and the dark to shop?! There is nothing out there that I want or need so badly that I need to warm up the car and dress to trek to a store to get.

Plus, shopping on Thanksgiving has not always been taboo. That’s what we did on Thanksgiving when I grew up in Kansas. Dad and Grandpa would watch football. I’d go shopping with the other women in the family. We weren’t looking for bargains. We were passing time. But we went during regular store hours, not when people should be sleeping.

Americans are a corporate retailers wet dream. We are like lemmings running for bargains that aren’t really bargains. We actually believe that things will be the cheapest they will ever be on Black Friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving). We have bought into the mantra, “more, I need more” and chant it as we grab Made-In-Some-Foreign-Country-By-Tiny-Children-For-Pennies schlock piled high in the aisles of the local mall’s anchor stores.

There’s got to be better ways to celebrate the holidays…


3 thoughts on “Kmart Gets Screwed No Matter What It Does

  1. I was at our Kmart looking at Halloween costumes after not going in there for literally 13 years or more… and it didn’t change one bit. I never really liked to shop there either, why I have no idea either, other than maybe Target looks more modern and less cluttered? I don’t know? I wish they would spruce up some, get a more modern look to their stores and be more visually appealing.

    Anyway, I couldn’t agree with you more. I worked at Express at the mall last year for Black Friday and believe me, as a person who never participated in a Black Friday ever in my life, I was flabbergasted. I was shocked at how rude people were, how insanely over the moon they were for things that just yesterday they wouldn’t have wanted if they were free. But today, the day after the day they were thankful for everything, they are fighting, sweating and bustling through stores for crap they don’t need. I had people in line for three hours before getting to me, proudly tell me that they had been out since midnight that night; I was due to work at 10am. They were all carting around a huge cup of Starbuck’s coffee while trying to shop and quite frankly I wasn’t impressed. It made me kinda sad for them and I swore off ever working retail on a Black Friday ever again.

    I’m like you… I don’t need anything so badly that I’m about to get out of my nice warm, cozy bed at midnight to go traipsing around looking for deals that really aren’t deals. Poor Kmart.

  2. Great post!! I wish we’d go back to the days where only the most essential of employees had to work on these major holidays. Why should some one have to leave their family or sleep thru dinner just to be able to work the night shift, be any different from the rest of us who want to be with family or friends or maybe have a nice day off? What, oh what! Could be soooo important to have to purchase it on a mjor holiday or during the night of the major holiday after spendings days in a tent? Are the savings…..if there are savings really that big & worth it?? In full disclosure…..this come from a reformed black friday shopper……I have been black friday shopping free for 20 or more tears!

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