50 IN 2013: The Holdout by Laurel Osterkamp

50 in 2013 copyWhat’s the star of a reality show to do as her life unfolds on screen as she lives it in real life?

That’s the challenge Robin Bricker faces as her show The Holdout airs. To keep herself busy, she relishes the idea of being on a jury and losing herself in a trial of possibly faulty Greek yachts that may or may not have been improperly stored in Iowa.

the holdout cover

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Laurel Osterkamp brings us Robin’s story in the aptly titled The Holdout. Robin played the Survivor-like game the best she could. It isn’t her fault she also fell for fellow-castaway Grant. Too bad everyone in America, including her family and her fellow jury members, get to witness her humiliation as she sees exactly how Grant plays her and another female castaway. Creative camera editing doesn’t help maintain her dignity either.

Osterkamp weaves the tale, alternating chapters between the island contest and the television season. It’s nice to see how Robin evolves. The supporting characters are fun, with dramatic side stories that add to the overall drama of the book.

This is a quick, easy read. Definitely a nice way to spend a cold winter’s night!


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