What New Moms And Dads Really Need

parenting corner copyI went to a baby shower for a soon-to-be-mother of twin girls this weekend. I oohed and aahed myself into a cute coma because she got some incredibly cute clothes. Seriously, girl children are way better dressed than boy children. There, I’ve said it. Now we can move on.

The parents-to-be also got some practical gifts. But I noticed that no one got them The One Gift That They Really Need For Their Entire Parental Career: A Tape Recorder.

While the babies are still babies they can record themselves making soothing sounds, maybe singing a few lullabies. This will help when they are to damn exhausted to speak a single word more. How convenient it would be to just press a button and let the tape recorder do the talking.

But the baby years are the easy years. When the terrible twos, threes, fours, sixes, tens, and twelves come into play, the parents can just create an endless loop of “no.” A ninety-minute recording of “no” should suffice, with a few rewinds morning, afternoon, and night.

“Can I go outside?” “No.”

“Can I cut my hair?” “No.”

“Can I cut my sister’s hair?” “No.”

“Can I get a tattoo?” “No.”

“Can I eat this bug?” “No.”

Of course, some children will repeat each question an infinite amount of times, making the “no” recordings even more appreciated!

Teenagers might require multiple recording devices. Perhaps one hidden in the car and activated by bad driving, texting while driving, or other dangerous activities. The parents can choose their own message, I suggest something like, “Get your damn hands back on the wheel!”

A hidden recording device in a purse or backpack for dates can keep amorous young men from getting…well, to amorous! “Get your hands off my daughter!” screamed in the father’s voice needs no further explanation!

I’m sure your heads are now swimming with ideas now also! Isn’t this a great idea! Babies R Us will be stocking these soon!

2 thoughts on “What New Moms And Dads Really Need

  1. I can see your point about a tape recorder, however I think the baby straight jackets will be highly valuable as well. And could perhaps be used well into elementary school…..

    • You have a point with the baby straight jackets. They could be useful at all ages. Thankfully you and your mom are both seamstresses so you can start prototyping now! Aaron can be your model…

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