Apparently The Greatest Of All Sins Is Shopping On Thanksgiving

palmIf Facebook was correct, Thanksgiving shopping was the line being drawn in the sand between the moral and the immoral this holiday season. Apparently, no true-blue, flag-loving, family-adoring, mother-respecting, apple pie-eating, Chevrolet-driving, baseball-playing, red-blooded American would be caught dead shopping on Thanksgiving. Retail establishments were completely, absolutely evil for even daring to make their employees work on this sacred of all family days.

I’ve written before about shopping on Thanksgiving in the olden days. So I’m not shocked by this shopping behavior. The rest of you are.

Meme after meme followed on Facebook. People posted rant after rant. There were calls to boycott. People were really angry.

But these same people stopped at the gas station on the way to Aunt Martha’s for dinner.

Aunt Martha sent Uncle Maury to the market for the forgotten rolls and the much-needed bottle of vodka (Aunt Becky decided to come after all).

Joey and Kendra popped by Starbucks for tall lattes and scones because Aunt Martha’s food isn’t the best.

Aunt Becky was coming to dinner after the big parade. Last year she missed the Underdog balloon and it isn’t ever happening again.

Uncle Rick is at the football game. He can’t stop telling anyone that the Detroit Lions have played over 70 games on Thanksgiving!

All of Martha and Maury’s guests had to stop at Walgreen’s for antacids on the way home.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the world doesn’t shut down for holidays. Some people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Some people don’t have families. Some people eat Thanksgiving lunch. Some eat mid afternoon.

There are people cleaning toilets, sweeping streets, selling coffee and gas. There are football players and cheerleaders, bands, and floats. There are restaurants cooking for those who aren’t cooking for themselves.

It always amuses me when we pick such narrow battles. It’s easy to point our fingers at the people doing something we won’t, while ignoring our similar, yet slightly different behavior. However, getting coffee at Starbucks means someone is working just like if someone shops at KMart or Walmart. It’s just a different price point.


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