Chrystal Bougon Did Something Nice On The Internet Which Made Someone Do Something Mean, So The Mean Person Got All The Media Attention.

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Image courtesy of iconmac /”.

Yes, you read that right.

Chrystal Bougon recognized a need. She saw that women bigger than a Victoria’s Secret model needed and wanted lingerie. So she opened a shop. In fact, her Curvy Girl Lingerie is the second brick and mortar plus-sized lingerie store in the United States, located in San Jose, California. She also sells on the internet. Chrystal also started a Curvy Girl Facebook page. When a customer asked to post a picture of herself, a real woman, wearing some of the lingerie she had purchased, Chrystal thought this sounded like a great idea.

I think any woman, no matter her size, knows what a big deal it is for a woman to post a picture of herself in lingerie. It takes a hell of a lot of moxie. Chrystal let women have a safe place. Because they looked good. They felt good. They’re beautiful and other women want to see them. They want to be inspired by women like themselves, maybe slip on a teddy at home. Maybe even have a few pictures taken of themselves.

It’s empowering for people to see people who look like themselves. Doesn’t matter who or what you are, you want to be normalized. And that’s what Chrystal did. That’s a good thing.

Until the Wicked Witch stepped in and decided that Chrystal was single-handedly contributing to the Ohmigoddeathfat Obesity Epidemic by letting this happen. On her business’ Facebook page. Where business customers sought her out to become fans. Where customers posted pictures. Where no one invited the Wicked Witch to visit, not even once.

I refuse to name the Wicked Witch (aka WW) or her nicknames. She has gotten more than enough publicity from her tantrums and childish behavior. The media fall all over themselves because she’s one of the pretty people that they love having before their cameras. Which doesn’t make what she says worth listening to.

WW went on her Facebook page and posted why obese people should not be allowed to exist. Sure, she sugar-coated it with words of health and fitness. But she makes such blanket claims that she has nothing to back them up. Bottom line: WW would like all obese people to hide away from her sight until they look like her. Or until they are only thirty or forty pounds overweight.


Someone reported WW’s post as hate speech and she was banned from Facebook for a few days. Apparently, Facebook is very very very very important to her because she fell apart. And called her publicist. Who called a few people. And then the WW started making the media merry-go-round.

One news show showed her bopping around her kitchen, perfectly coiffed, whipping up breakfast for her children. Then showed her exercising in the park with other fit mothers, each flinging a toddler about as exercise equipment. She kept repeating, “Anyone can do it! Like I do.”

Unless you work and can’t go to a mom and tot group in the middle of the day.

Unless you don’t have access to a safe outdoor workout space.

Unless you don’t have a healthy child.

Unless you are not healthy.

Unless you don’t want to work out with your child and prefer reading or drawing or looking at the clouds or…

According to WW, however, those are just excuses and you need to get over yourself.

CNN invited Chrystal Bougon and WW on for a sit-down. Which WW dominated with her non-facts. She managed to let everyone know they if they are ready to fix themselves she’s got a way to help them and they can contact her. Nice push for her business, right? And the hosts fell all over her. Chrystal was calm, cool, and collected, saying wise things when allowed. Somehow her video feed was lost, while we were all left with WW’s sneering duck-lip gasp, “you know, I saw women not just 30 or 40 pounds overweight but…obese…[grimace]…morbidly obese [shudder]…”

The hosts never once challenged one of WW’s “facts” or any of the things she was spouting as truths. In fact, the real issue shouldn’t have been the War on Fat at all, but the fact that Fat People Bother the WW and The Media Care. Because the WW can’t look at any of the women posting photos of themselves on the Curvy Girl Facebook page and know whether or not they work out. She cannot look at a photograph of a Victoria’s Secret model and know if she is metabolically healthy. Heck, are we even so sure WW is healthy?

Once again, shame on the media for being such a shoddy group of people. Why would someone even pick up this story? Surely people are getting kicked off of Facebook hourly. There wasn’t a better reason to cover? The good thing is I hope Curvy Girl Lingerie gets some great sales from WW’s tantrum.

All Chrystal wants to do is give a safe space for regular women to be seen. Women who have scars, stretch marks, sagging, excess skin, weight…whatever. There’s no airbrushing or photoshopping. There’s no body shaming or snarking. There’s nothing but camaraderie for women who have lived life and are still living life without the fear of eating a cookie or missing a workout. By the way, she never even calls them curvy…just regular…like you…like me…like my neighbor…like my best friend…


2 thoughts on “Chrystal Bougon Did Something Nice On The Internet Which Made Someone Do Something Mean, So The Mean Person Got All The Media Attention.

  1. WW isn’t healthy. she has severe body issues. She has traded bulimia for excessive workouts and fat shaming because she still cannot be happy with herself. it’s kinds sad, but the “poor me I’m being accused of being a bully because i hate fat people”, is wearing pretty thin, and very very annoying

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