You Are Invited

Cordially, of course!

Our next group project on the Motherhoot website is going to be a happiness experiment. I read an article recently (don’t remember where) about an experiment where people kept a gratitude journal. Each day they listed things that made them happy. At the end of the experiment, they rated whether they were happier or not.

The Hoots are going to do our own version of this. Starting April 1st, we will start our daily happiness journals. Each week will post comments about our feelings on this journal. Is helpful? Are we feeling happier? I’m encouraging total honesty!

I would like you to participate with us! Please, keep a gratitude journal with us during April. It can be as low-tech as scraps of paper or as high-tech as an IPod app. Personally, I use “gratitude journal” from the ITunes store. Since I’m always using my IPod touch in the evening, it’s easy to just fill out my journal.

Several times in the past I have started doing the gratitude journal, but always end up letting it fall to the wayside like so many other things in life.

Male or female, parent or not, the invitation is presented to you to join us in the Motherhoot Happiness Experiment. Try it, and share your comments with us! You don’t need to send them weekly, just send them in when the feeling grabs you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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