50 in 2013: Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich

50 in 2013 copyIn case you’ve been wondering where the book reviews have been, they’ve been piling up. I’ve been on a reading binge, but not on a review-writing binge. So they’ll be coming the next few weeks.

takedowntwentyI’m happy to report that Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich was a page-turner! I was concerned after the disappointing collaboration Evanovich had with Lee Goldberg. But that appears to have been a fluke. Because I laughed out loud a lot–in public!–while reading this book.

This time around, Stephanie needs money so she’s determined to collar two missing big money bonds. One is a dead-eye gang banger and the other is Joe Morelli’s mob guy god father. It shouldn’t be to hard catching either of them because Lula’s there to help. Except a renegade giraffe is roaming the Burg and Lula’s named him and is leaving lettuce on street corners to feed him.

Morelli and Ranger are tempting her. Grandma Bella’s giving her the evil eye and guaranteeing her an eternity in hell. Grandma Mazur’s still using funeral homes as entertainment and kicked up her dating life. Which coincides with the recent appearance of a killer of elderly women: they’re left inside a dumpster, wrapped inside a sheet, and neatly labelled.

When things get a little to dicey, Stephanie decides bonds aren’t the life she wants. Maybe being a butcher is something she can try. Except there’s a fire…and a crushed Porsche…and stolen goods…

You might want to put this on your Christmas list! 



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