Happy Holidays! There, I Said It!

Christmas tree smallSeriously, people, is the phrase “Happy Holidays” really the worst thing ever?

I had a pleasant shopping experience today and ended it with “Happy Holidays!” The clerks laughed and said, “No need to be politically correct here! Merry Christmas!”

I was walking away but I turned around and said, “Usually I say ‘Happy Holidays’ because I mean ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’!”

By that time I wanted to snap, “Bite me!’ But I didn’t.

When did saying something pleasant become wrong? Why are people policing the correct things we can and cannot say?

Sometimes I say “Merry Christmas” and sometimes I say “Happy Holidays.” I might even throw in a “Happy Hanukkah” if I know you’re Jewish. If I’m feeling feisty I might even wish you a “Happy Festivus” and invite you over for the Feats of Strength.

When did this season become the sole property of the Christian people anyway? Again, there are the Jewish people, Pagans, Muslims, Africans celebrating Kwanzaa…these are all good things. We’re all celebrating this Winter holiday together where we celebrate family and friends with parties, cheer, presents, and cookies.

Who has written these rules we are supposed to follow? The rules for when decorations can go up? This was the first year I ever heard that putting them up before Veterans Day was offensive to veterans. I’m pretty sure than veterans aren’t worrying about our Christmas decorations and when we put them up since they all fought for our freedom to do whatever we wanted! Policing Christmas is probably pretty low on their list.

If you’re a Christian and you display your “Jesus is The Reason for the Season” Nativity magnet this month, I smile when I see it. I love the nativity and it’s story. If I pass your house and I see the menorah in the window I think of the story of the miracle of the sacred oil. When someone mentions Saturnalia I think of December 21st being the shortest day of the year and how the worst is over. The days will get longer and spring is coming.

This time of year is a special time for many different reasons. Why can’t we celebrate them all? Why can’t we take the love and kindness of all the different faiths and direct them at each other in positive ways instead of being petty and mean?

After all, if you’re really stuck on this being a Christian time of year, wasn’t that what Jesus was all about? Love and kindness? I don’t think he’d really mind being told “Happy Holidays!”


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! There, I Said It!

  1. Thank you! I am so tired of logging onto Facebook, and seeing all these posts about how “Happy Holidays” is disrespectful, etc. it makes me want to be Scrooge, and just not say anything!

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