I Have Thrown My Back Out And It Has Not Been Pleasant

I think I need Dr. Noah Drake...so I borrowed this picture from Sarah Bradley!

I think I need Dr. Noah Drake…so I borrowed this picture from Sarah Bradley!

I have thrown my back out and it hasn’t been a pleasant experience for any of us. What started out as a sore back turned into a total cannot-walk-twist-bend-cough-sneeze-without-pain. It was bad on Saturday so Jim told me to lay on the floor to stretch my back out. That worked so well that I rolled right over and went into some yoga moves. Did some cat/cows. Then some cobras. May have thrown in a downward dog. Got to my feet and pressed the palms of my hands into the floor while standing–with my legs spread a bit because I ain’t no yogi. Threw in a few shimmies just for fun. Went and ate dinner.

Discovered I was paralyzed when I stood up after dinner. The pain was excruciating. A few years ago I had a pulled muscle on my flank that hurt. That was nothing compared to this. I could barely move.

The thirteen steps to the second floor were daunting. I started going up. I had to face perfectly straight ahead and couldn’t use the handrail because it twisted me out of alignment. Jim helped the best he could, but he’s still recovering from his shoulder surgery. I got to the bend in the stairs and tried to make the turn. I couldn’t. Twinge. Zing. Ping. Pow.

I cried. I told Jim to go on without me. I was going to live on the stairs. He said that wouldn’t work for him because he needed to get up and down the stairs. Aaron came to help and I got to the top where I stood, frozen, for a long while.

Our bed is high so getting into it was an ordeal. Jim pointed out, quite regretfully, that maybe a high bed wasn’t a good idea. I almost suggested he rip the legs off it but he didn’t look like he’d be willing to do that. I got into bed with lots of cries of pain and bad words. After having to get out and in to go to the bathroom, I decided to limit liquids.

It’s gotten better since then. Jim has described me as sounding like a zombie (we were watching The Walking Dead) and our elderly dog Sabrina who makes noises in her sleep. I might be more like her than I like because I almost bit him when he was helping me into the car because he hurt me. I think he’s purposely driving over pot holes; he says he can’t avoid them.

My doctor hasn’t come through with the requested muscle relaxants. An internet search suggested Valerian root as a natural muscle relaxant. Works a bit and the cats love the packaging and the bottle. I’m tempted to rub a capsule on one of their toys to see what happens.

Internet searches for caring for an injured lower back are contradictory. Rest. Exercise. Ice. Heat. Anyone have any advice? I’m open to anything…

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  1. UGH! I feel your pain. Fortunately, I haven’t done that for years (find close piece of wood to knock on…) anyway… unfortunately, at this point, all you can do is rest your back, sleep, take warm baths, ice/heating pad, etc. The last time I had this happen I was curling my hair while sitting on the side of the bed and sneezed. I went down and was out for 5 days. That was in 1995 and I was in nursing school. The time before that, I was naked, wet and in the shower washing my hair and bent over to rinse my hair and that was all she wrote… (enter paramedics) yeah… that was fun. That time was 1992. Luckily, I haven’t had this happen to me since those times and I think it’s because I started doing yoga in 1998. I’m not a flexible, handstands- legs in weird poses yogi, I still only do restorative yoga or hot yoga which allows me to stretch tight muscles more. I will never be a super bendy yogi but at least I do it. It helps tremendously to do a little each day and honestly, with my back problems, I probably couldn’t walk if I didn’t stretch daily. After a car accident in 1992, that caused severe whiplash and herniated discs at L5 and S1, I learned that much of my back pain was congenital. I found I was born with lordosis of the lower back, scoliosis of the mid-back, lordosis of the neck and on top of it my MRI came back “severe DDD for age of patient.” At a young age of 24 at the time, my Dr. said that meant I had the back of an old woman. It took another 6 years before I learned I didn’t have to live in pain like this anymore but it would require work and to be honest, even the gentlest of yoga movements hurt me. With a little more and a little more each day, I felt better and better and I haven’t had the problem you’re dealing with for many years I think as a result. Right now you can’t do much, I know, but when you’re better-maybe a month out, try gently stretching and work your way up. You’ll see an amazing difference. Until then, I have some muscle relaxers I can send ya. 😉 Feel better soon, woman!

    • Thank you, Robin. I swear whipping myself into the hands on the floor move ripped something! lol Valerian root is working as a muscle relaxant rather nicely. I’m just delicate…

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