No One Wants To Hear About Your Diet While We Are Eating. That Is Just Rude.

palmI don’t know how you were raised, but I was raised to be polite when I had dinner away from home. If the hosts made something I didn’t like, I was highly encouraged to eat it. I was never ever supposed to blurt out that I didn’t like it. If there was no way I was going to eat it, I could push it to the side of my plate and explain how I was just too full to eat another bite.

I was also taught not to talk about myself incessantly. I ask questions. I learn about the people around me . I discuss subjects: common interests, news items that are not polarizing, my children without bragging, weather, etc.

Apparently these rules don’t apply in today’s diet/food obsessed society. Complaining about the food being served almost seems expected. And people on diets are compelled to let everyone around them know their dietary restrictions. Obviously, the more food complaints you have, the better person you are! 

I’m not eating butter. I need something less fatty.

Sour cream? I’d rather have strained Greek yogurt. I mean who eats full-fat sour cream?

Ice cream? Actual ice cream? Do you have a fruit sorbet?

The main course is ravioli? I’m gluten free because I know I’m gaining weight from wheat.

The dessert was made with sugar? Actual sugar? But I only use stevia…

I cannot eat a baked potato. A white potato? Where’s the fiber? What’s the glycemic index?

I’m going to have to work out two extra hours today because I’m eating something with milk chocolate.

Diet talk is heard year-round, but is especially prevalent this time of the year. It gets even worse when we are forced to dine with co-workers and other associates we might not be exposed to at any other time. Trust me, nothing makes a merry Christmas luncheon turn into a mental stabby fest faster than listening to Dana Dieter’s endless diatribe against the normal human act of consuming food.

I guess the one benefit is that you don’t have to learn anything else about Dana Dieter than you did about her diet. Surely she can’t be anymore interesting that her eating habits, right?


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