Body Positive Parenting 101: What Is Being Body Positive?

In conjunction with the Body Positive Parenting group on Facebook, I wanted to start a series of Body Positive Parenting pieces. And what better place to start than at the very beginning of what being Body Positive is all about?

parenting corner copyBeing Body Positive means embracing the body you have right now, Today, instead of waiting around for the body you dream about or might have Some Day. You know, Some Day after you diet or exercise or eat all the vegetables or all the reconstituted diet shakes and meals and attend all the meetings and count all the points. It is appreciating the body you spend all of your time with ToDay.

You might be thinking, “Why should I love this body? It’s fat/scarred/big/the wrong color/the wrong height/and on and on and on…” And you’re probably also thinking, “I can’t love my body because no one else loves theirs and people will think I’m weird and that there’s something wrong with me.”

Let’s talk about the second part first. The only reason why people hate themselves so much these days is because advertisers tell us we should. Do you watch television? Have you ever seen a commercial tell you that you’re wonderful just the way you are, stay home, and don’t use their product? Of course not! They have something they need to sell you! Somehow marketing people have decided that the best way to sell us things is by making us feeling lousy so that their product will make us feel better. It’s twisted, but that’s how our minds work.

We could turn off our televisions, throw out our magazines, ignore the side ads on our web browsers. Or we can tell ourselves that these people do not have our best interests at heart. They make their money making us feel bad. What would happen if people started loving themselves despite what the marketing world feeds us? Madness, I tell you! Madness!

Bottom line is we are all feeling bad about ourselves for artificial reasons. Those Victoria’s Secret models that make us all feel inadequate? Even they feel inadequate. It’s a mean vicious circle.

Now for the big one, Why should you love your body? Why the hell shouldn’t you love your body?! Are you reading this? Big score right there! Maybe you’re listening to this? Another score! Those are two major organs working for you. Breathing? Third organ! Hat trick!

Fingers that type? Legs that walk? Arms that hug? Lips that kiss? A mouth that tastes chocolate? A stomach that digests that chocolate? Or the carrots?

A great way to start being Body Positive is to start focusing on what your body does or is, rather than on what it isn’t.¬†This won’t happen overnight. But with a little work, it can happen. In part two of this series, we’ll talk about actually getting more Body Positive with some concrete exercises.

I was influenced by many different sources to write this post. Those include Dances with Fat, The Fat Chick, and Dr. Deah Schwartz among others.


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