When B-List Celebrities Play Scientist or Let’s Stop Making Unfamous People Famous

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I borrowed this from the Being Liberal Facebook page. Click the photo to be taken there.

We had a debate on Facebook Friday night about vaccinations. It was started when I posted something about Jenny McCarthy who has been the anti-vaccine queen, blaming her son’s autism on his vaccines for years. In fact, she has been so vocal in her belief that the vaccines caused autism that some have called her a public menace. Moms believe other moms and have taken her beliefs to heart, even when science hasn’t always supported her theories.

Then the discussion grew into an even broader one wondering why someone would take medical advice from an actress. What makes Jenny McCarthy an expert, other than the fact that she is a mother and she is famous? Is that all it takes for moms to be swayed?

Unfortunately, we are treated to hours and hours of reality television each week. Unfortunately, not everyone is like me and chooses not to partake in this cultural phenomenon. I’ve been reality tv free for years now. With the exception of true crime television, which is getting old because there are only so many sensational murders to reenact, but that’s another blog post.

Somehow the “stars” of these reality television shows have become big business, cultural icons, and role models for people in our country. We only need to consider the social war waged over Phil Richardson, the Duck Dynasty patriarch, at the end of last year. While unemployment benefits were being cut for our real life friends and neighbors, and retirement benefits were being cut for veterans, we were fighting about this man’s distasteful words. If I believed in conspiracy theories, I would wonder if this was a way to truly draw our attention away from the important things.

Every day I scour the news. I am appalled at what I find. I don’t care about Jennifer Aniston’s latest haircut. Or Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie that “accidentally” got leaked. Or who wore it best.

I do care that women are being taxed for being women and no one seems to care.

I care that we send young men and women off to war and then bring them home and can’t give them jobs and support them and their families.

I care that we have come up with a decent workable healthcare system and still, this morning, Mitch McConnell stood up and tried to hold unemployment benefits hostage trying to get it delayed yet again.

I care that we cut abortion, birth control, food stamps, and other support systems, while smiling and saying we’re profamily, prochild, Christian people.

I care that the rich people in our country buy legislation to suit their needs and their pocketbooks and no one stops them.

What I wonder is when other people are going to start caring? Does Uncle Si care? Justin Bieber Care? Kim Kardashian? Sarah Palin? No, no they don’t. They are concerned about their own pocketbooks and that is all. Their bottom lines are what they work for each and every day. Remember that the next time you ooh and aah over how wonderful Snooki is or any Real Housewife. They aren’t real.

The people around you are real. And they are getting screwed by your government each and every day. Except you aren’t paying attention…


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