Why Are Extending Unemployment Benefits A Battle?

palmThe first move for Congress after the holiday break was to take up the issue of extending unemployment benefits for the millions of people whose benefits ran out right before the holidays or will run out soon. They weren’t covered in the budget draft that was adopted before the break, so it is being dealt with separately.

Of course, the issue was agreed to unanimously and each and every one of the unemployed will continue receiving  benefits once again.

Wow, don’t we wish.

What really happened was that the Senate passed the measure, only after Mitch McConnell stood up and said he’d only vote affirmatively if the Affordable Healthcare Act (which is a fully funded, functioning law already) was delayed for another year. Thankfully a few of his fellow Republicans thumbed their noses and voted with the Democrats and got the measure passed. And now we wait for the House of Representatives.

And it looks like there won’t be an extension without some kind of miracle.

Which completely stuns me.

How can politicians who are “representing” these unemployed people, drop the ball like this? These aren’t lazy, corrupt people sitting around their homes while thousands of jobs go unfilled in our country. These are people who have no jobs available to them.

People will lose their homes. People will not be able to feed their families. People will suffer.

Politicians need to take a closer look at the budget and find the money needed to take care of the American people now. Perhaps taxing the one per cent another one per cent would be a good place to start. Making the banking industry financially responsible for the losses they caused might help also. Any other ideas?

PS I hope people keep tabs on how their representatives in D.C. vote and hold them accountable at election time!


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