50 in 2014: Hunted by Karen Robards

50 in 2014 copyHunted is Karen Robard’s latest thriller. In it…

she brings together rogue cop Reed Ware of the New Orleans Police Department and fellow officer and hostage negotiator, Caroline Wallace. The two aren’t strangers, but it’s been ten years since Ware played body guard to the police superintendent’s family and 17-year old Caroline developed a crush on him. Since then he’s been an exemplary police officer and she’s grown into a sexy, coolly competent cop.

So why did Ware just take the superintendent of police, the mayor, and several other high ranking political figures hostage on Christmas Eve? Caroline keeps her cool under the scrutiny of her estranged father as she tries to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, she ends up being the hostage and gets caught up in the scandal that’s about to rock New Orleans off its foundation.

The plot is great. The characters are okay. My biggest complaint: there’s too damn much sex. Pages and pages of sex. Sex scenes are great if you are in the mood to read erotica. But if you’re reading a thriller and want to know what’s happening next to move the plot along, there really can be too many throbbing members and heaving breasts.

Maybe I wouldn’t have been so disappointed if the sex hadn’t detracted from the story. I’m used to Robards telling a hot tale. But this one fell short. I had to flip through pages of sex without even bothering to read because it was repetitive and unnecessary for the story. Then the climactic scene at the end was over abruptly and cut off awkwardly.

This isn’t Robards’ best work. I’ll be giving it three out of five stars on Goodreads.


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