Paula Abdul’s Weight Loss Accident & Why Do We Believe Diet Myths

palmOops. Paula Abdul had a weight loss accident. How does one have a weight loss accident exactly? Well, they go to a tanning salon and experience the SlimStar Infra-Wrap Treatment.

What exactly is the SlimStar? Well, it’s all science-y and stuff–not. Based on the calories in/calories out equation that we all know works so well (note: it doesn’t as the human body isn’t a combustion engine) the infra-wrap heats the tissue beneath the skin to enhance toxin and fat flushing. In Paula’s case, it resulted in second and third degree burns on her body. She claims the wrap was applied negligently. I think the whole thing is just voodoo science and Paula took a big gamble letting a tanning salon clerk play “doctor” with her body.

I want to know if Abdul really thought the fat was going to melt right out of her body with this wrap? Supposedly, she could burn up to 1200 calories in one session. They even show a nice chart on their site how this is better than running a marathon. It is suggested that you get 3-4 wraps per week at $129 each. You need to heat the fat on your body from the outside in, because cold fat becomes cellulite. (See, there’s that voodoo science again.)

I guess as diet myths goes, this one is only a little further out there than all the rest. We’re told to take a pill so an oily residue oozes out of our rectum, drink chalky sugary shakes, keep score by counting points, eat reconstituted meals, amputate part of our stomachs, and other things to lose weight. Like Paula, millions of people fall prey each year, feeding billions into the greedy mouths of the diet industry.

Luckily more and more articles like this one are coming out about dieting. Maybe diets are not the answer to everything. Maybe starving yourself isn’t the right thing to do. Pills, chalk, fake food,¬†and¬†cooking the fat off your body are a lot less appealing than just eating food.


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