Wendy Davis vs. Bristol Palin: An Unequal Battle

What is it with those Palin chicks? Seriously? Every time something remotely controversial happens, Sarah and Bristol are out there giving us their opinions. Some might like hearing Sarah’s opinion since she is an adult with a checkered, half-assed political career. But what has Bristol done? Single mom on a dance contest? Cancelled reality star? Not exactly the moral or political leader of the world.

Yet, Bristol felt the need to tweet something about Wendy Davis, basically calling her a husband/child ditching, baby-killing Texan.

Wow, Bristol. Where’s your law degree from Harvard?

Conservative opponents of Wendy Davis came unglued when they discovered that some of the details of her rags to riches story didn’t add up. For instance, she described herself as divorced at 19 when she was only separated. And she only lived in a trailer for a few months.

What makes me sad and angry is that Wendy Davis had to give any amount of time to a nobody like Bristol Palin–a reality-star wanna be. She has nothing to say that makes a difference to the intelligent people of our country.

I find it interesting that Davis’ parenting is being called into question at all by conservatives. Where were they when Sarah Palin was prepared to leave her newborn son and young children while she went off to be Vice President? Maybe Sarah should do something for all women right now and come out and call the critics of Wendy Davis out for their stupidity. It would be a uniting action.

I do hold hope for Bristol Palin. She’s still young. Maybe in a few years she will see that the world isn’t so black and white. That one woman’s decision isn’t always the right decision for all women. Or maybe she’ll learn that every thought doesn’t have to be tweeted.

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