Do You Know Where Your Resolutions Are?

You know, the ones you wrote or made in January. I did a nice little layout of my resolutions–or goals as I chose to call them. I noted actions needed to accomplish my goals. It looks really pretty.

Last week I chose to review my goals. It was a another goal I made that week for a writing group I belong to. I quickly found the nice little type-written page and spread it open on the keyboard.

[My desk has undergone a transformation recently when I was driven to clean it off. And it has stayed that way! It is amazing what empty wood looks like!]

Goals 1, 2, and 3…working on them pretty steadily.

I’m working out, trying to regularly keep a food diary (I use the one at Daily Plate and it’s nice. They boast over 650,000 foods in their database. There’s also an IPod Touch app.)

I’m writing. I made quite a dent in the first draft of a second mystery novel during the Guppies Chocolate Challenge. I joined the Goals for Guppies group so I would be inspired to keep up the writing challenge! I’m keeping up my blog and am working steadily on the Motherhoot website.

I’ve been keeping up with Avon and servicing all my regular customers.

Then I got to number 4. I had completely forgotten about it until I spread that piece of paper on the key board. It’s a fairly important one. It’s something I am always struggling with. OK, I’ll confess: I am trying to get my house organized. Corral those stray papers, deal with the mail immediately, file important things away immediately.

I keep asking myself how with a mere four measley little resolutions I could actually forget one. Heck, maybe I actually have four children and have just focused on three. The fourth is stagnating somewhere under a hairball in the corner!

All I can think of now is that I hope my goals only took up one 8.5×11 inch page. I hope there’s not another sheet or two of neatly organized resolutions floating around the house.

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