The Dumbing Down of America…It Has To Stop

Neil deGrasse Tyson

I saw this on Facebook when I was contemplating this post so it was completely apropos.

Something is happening that should be scaring the hell out of those of us who can read, write, calculate, and pass basic science classes. We are being outnumbered by those who can’t. No, I’m not being overly dramatic, because it’s truly happening.

Through my internet meanderings, I’ve come across the evidence repeatedly. Last week, I was following the comments on a well-known newspaper’s on-line site for an article regarding women’s issues. A few men chose to weigh in, and I was glad to see their opinions. Until I saw their grammar and spelling. Sorry, sir, but there is a big difference between a “fetus” and a “fetish” which might explain why you are having, um, problems.

I see protest signs from Tea Party members that are misspelled. For instance, the word is “morons” not “morans.” Which is alarming since I think they feel they are intellectually superior to many people of color in our country which is why they want them gone or suppressed or…

Frankly, I blame the Republican Party and John McCain for this. Once they opened the door to the Sarah Palins of the world, giving them equal footing with actual educated people who would have been qualified to be vice president, they opened the flood gates for this spewing of ignorance that surrounds us daily.

Anything to get a vote. How did that work out for you? How’s it going now?

Now we are stuck with people like Ted Nugent campaigning with actual gubernatorial candidates. After he calls the President Obama a subhuman mongrel. Someone thought that was a good idea.

Male only panels making decisions about women’s healthcare. Men sitting on women’s healthcare panels who have no idea about basic reproduction. Male politicians who have no problem comparing human childbirth with cattle breeding.

When we have people on the science committees who have no actual knowledge of science, we are in major trouble. When a man on the oversight and reform committee leaks materials regularly there’s a problem.

While this would be amusing to watch from afar, it’s actually horrifying because it affects our entire future. Because these people are in charge of our nation’s children. They plan policies. They plan education. They maintain the environment. They are running our world. They are ruining our world.

Now how do we stop this? We stop listening to everything we read on the internet without checking it out. Right before I came to write this, I saw something so outrageous on Facebook it stunned me. I no longer correct people on their own threads because they don’t like that. (But if you want to believe that President Obama is letting the United Nations come to your house to take away your guns, you are completely wrong. If you think our country doesn’t need some sort of gun control, you are completely wrong. Ask any of the parents of all the dead kids…)

You start voting for people who are educated and can demonstrate some knowledge of politics. You make sure they aren’t being courted by lobbyists and corporations at all times. When politicians are being courted for committees and you have some input, make some!

Question everything. If it seems to good to be true. If it seems outrageous. Check out many different sources before you believe something. And remember, Bob’s right wing news isn’t really news. It’s some guy in his mom’s basement making stuff up. Rush Limbaugh also isn’t a news source. He is entertainment. Fox News is also entertainment. Hell, most of the news channels are entertainment these days. Check internet news sources. There are some reliable ones. Start hunting and bookmark!

We can’t sit by any longer and let stupidity rule the day! We deserve better than this.


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