How Fox News Gets It Wrong: Ted Nugent Isn’t Part of Normal Political Sniping

Image courtesy of emptyglass /

Image courtesy of emptyglass /

Ted Nugent made headlines again last week for campaigning with Greg Abbott, a gubernatorial candidate in Texas. Abbott had no problem traipsing about the Lone Star State with the Cat Scratch Fever rocker who has made a name for himself for calling the President a “subhuman mongrel” and his vile attitudes toward women.

Liberal media went nuts. Abbott pretended he knew nothing about Nugent’s reputation. Nugent pretended he knew nothing about his reputation. Fox News says it’s everyone’s fault because…well, everybody does it.

I don’t let my kids get away with that, and I’m not letting them get away with it either. Because the case of Ted Nugent goes way beyond normal political sniping.

Ted Nugent called a human being a subhuman mongrel. This term has it’s origins with Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. Wolf Blitzer did a story on the origins of it and concluded:

…the words “subhuman mongrel” were used by the Nazis to “justify the genocide of the Jewish community.” We found ample evidence that the Nazis used those words — in their own language — to repeatedly describe Jewish people in the build-up to the Holocaust.

Nugent is a dangerous dangerous man communicating with a dangeous subsection of our population who are vilely racist. In 2014, black men, Hispanic men, men and women of any color than white are considered subhuman by many of our neighbors and fellow citizens. No one seems to want to talk about this. But we need to.

We don’t need to take a step back in time. We need to go forward, which means men like Ted Nugent and laws like Stand Your Ground that reek of racism need to be repealed.

The fact that politicians are willing to campaign with Nugent is a scary prospect. What is their agenda? They are always white, Republican, Tea Party-backed. Mostly from the South, sometimes waving a Confederate flag at their rallies. They favor states rights’ and wait for the day they need to take up arms against the Federal government.

Except they aren’t waiting and they are taking up arms against United States citizens. Maybe against you. Or your family. Or your friends. Neighbors.

To clarify, Nugent isn’t racist only against black people. He also thinks it would be fun to shoot Hispanic people from a helicopter in East LA like “feral hogs.”

He is a dangerous dangerous man, spouting a dangeorus rhetoric, and politicians are encouraging him. Almost like they hope he will incite some damage and destruction. Is Abbott hoping someone shoots President Obama? Is Abbott hoping someone comes to Texas to take care of an immigrant problem?

Why else would these people choose to even associate with someone like Nugent?

As citizens–Democratic & Republican–we have to ask ourselves how long we are going to stand for this nonsense? When are we going to stand up and call “foul”? This is our country, not the Tea Party’s. We can take it back.


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