Friday Five: I Really Want To Follow Your Blog, But…

friday fiveI love your blog! I really do. And I want to read all of your posts. But, something’s holding me back…

1. You haven’t set up a subscription feed. Honestly, I’m not going to remember to keep coming back to your blog. I need an emailed reminder every time you post. I promise to share what I love, so it will be worth your while!

2. Your blog hurts to read. You’ve got great content, but the design physically hurts to read. This happens with white text on pretty much any color. It’s unnatural, not edgy. White type is really really really hard to read. Make it easy on people, black is cool!

3. You don’t use paragraphs. Honestly, I’ve seen this done in national newspaper blogs and wonder what the heck people are thinking. You need paragraphs! You need breaks for your eyes. If you keep reading and reading and reading you get all googly-eyed. It makes reading white text a vacation!

4. Your text is all centered. Again, this isn’t clever. It’s…odd. Unless you’re writing a poetry blog…or being clever…

5. You’re using neon colors. Again, this hurts my eyes. A pop of color is good. Whole pages of neon, not so good.

Take these with a grain of salt. I have ever-aging eyes. But do think about the subscription service…it really is a great blogging tool!

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