Friday Five: Conservative Political Action Conference Time

friday fiveIt’s time for the Conservative Political Action Conference! Here are five things that have happened so far…

1. Mitch McConnell gave Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn a rifle. Because old white guys with guns are the conservative stereotype. [source]

2. Paul Ryan declares free lunches make kids “soulless” with completely made up story. After Ryan’s week of poorly researched papers, you’d think he would have been better prepared. Alas, he wasn’t and went on to tell a poorly recycled story. Did he even take a high school English class? I wonder because his research skills suck…and his compassion is lacking. Why does he hate poor kids? Why does he want them hungry? Why does he hate poor people period? [source]

3. Women are being courted by CPAC but only 3 get to speak. And one of them is Sarah Palin. What if Sarah starts doing a slam poetry piece on her apparent lusty crush on Vladimir Putin? If it gets all 50 Shades, I will kick myself for not being there. And damn the SNL clan for getting the best skits each and every week… [source]

4. Chris Christie finds favor with CPAC crowd because he’s an awful governor and the press is reporting on it. Yes, the conservative crowd doesn’t care how crooked you are. If the mainstream media calls you out on your alleged illegal activities, you’ll get their vote. Because conservatives hate the media more than actual criminals and crime and corruption…

5. Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are considering presidential runs in 2016 and are testing the waters. I have nothing…

I wonder what’s in a CPAC swag bag? Any ideas?


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