In The Company Of Women

woman in convertibleI’ve written before about the importance of women friends. There’s nothing as important as them in my life. Even more than the relationship I have with the men in my life, the women that I have in my circle of friends nourish my soul in wonderful ways.

Yikes, I know some of you just judged me for putting my friends before my family, but tell me that you get the same emotional support from your husband and sons and color me jealous. My men try, they really really do. But try to relate a recent gut-busting adventure and they just smile fondly. Explain why the women’s issues of today are so important to me and their eyes glaze over. How can they not? Their lives have never been so influenced by the whims of politicians and idiot voters.

But my women friends have proven time and time again to be people I can count on.

Sunday was card day and five of us gathered together. (The sixth was a young man whom we terrorized, so he might very well have a different view of the day. But he survived and I’m sure he has a completely different view of womanhood…) We’re a diverse group. We are at different places in life. Grandmothers. Mothers of teens. Mothers of elementary age children. Mothers of newborns.

We talked. We laughed. We teased. We were sick. We laughed more. There were imitations. Stories of failed body parts.

But when it came time to support one another’s decisions in life, we stood united. That’s when I knew that I’ve been forgetting that the people in my real life are not the same people I encounter on Facebook and in the news.

See, when I meet up with people in my real life, when the issue of women’s health choices–birth control, family planning, abortion–the women in my circle stand firm: we have the lines we have drawn and we’ve made our personal choices. But we would never impose our decisions on another woman. None of us feel the need to make that choice for another person. We all felt very strongly that it’s an issue for the woman, her partner (if applicable), and her doctor.

I came home feeling much better about the world. Yes, there might be ignorant women politicians saying women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or that women wishing to have the morning-after pill should be listed on a database. But my friends won’t be supporting them. I can breathe freer!

One thought on “In The Company Of Women

  1. Sista’s from other mista’s are some of the most important people in my life.
    They have stood with me in solidarity, they have stood behind me to prop me up
    and they have stood in front of me to protect me.
    I would not be the woman I am today without them. They are from all walks of life and
    do include those who share the same bloodline as I do.
    Many of them would lay down their lives for me and I for them.
    That’s just how it is.

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