Friday Five: All Things Positive

friday fiveI’m on a path of 100 days of being positive. I’m loosely interpreting the definition in some cases, because there are just some things I have to share. Seriously.

1. I’m Positive It’s March Madness time. Hey, there are some college teams playing basketball! I’ve always been a little sad that the boys never played basketball. It’s my favorite sport to watch. They certainly are tall enough…

2. I’m Positive Not All Women Get What It Means To Support Their Fellow Women. A Texas PAC head says women don’t need equal pay, they need less talkin’. [source] Minnesota State Representative Andrea Kieffer (Rep.) says asking for things like equal pay for equal work, family leave, sick pay, etc. makes women “look like whiners.” [source]

3. I’m Positive Rush Limbaugh Is An Ass. He weighs in on Women’s History Month and why we don’t need any more museums. We already have them and they are called malls! Oh, he’s being satirical and it could have been worse–he could have said brothels. He’s such a peach. You aren’t listening to his show, are you?! [source]

4. I’m Positive Some Politicians Are Having Problems Campaigning. Greg Abbot–remember he campaigned with Ted Nugent and saw nothing wrong with it?–just told the women of Texas he doesn’t support equal pay for equal work. After his staff and their pay was analyzed and found to be a little off kilter. [source] Poor Mitch McConnell has Dennis Prager hosting fundraisers for him. Prager is known for his views on wifely duties; mostly that wives need to put out whenever their husbands want because it’s their duty. You know, because their husbands go off to work every day. Like most wives aren’t also working. [source]

5. I’m Positive Animals Are Kinder Beings Than We Are. These elephants show they have feelings after being reunited. Watch the video here.


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