Poor Valerie Bertinelli…You Should Be Ashamed!

beauty comes in all sizesPoor Valerie Bertinelli. She’s feeling shamed because she has regained some of the weight she lost pimping Jenny Craig’s diet program. She injured her foot, had to stop her exercise routine, and the weight started coming back.

I’m not saying she should be ashamed for gaining the weight. I’m saying she should be ashamed for pimping a diet program in the first place.

Valerie has now joined the ranks of the 95%. (Not the political 95% or 99% or whatever the news talks about constantly.) These are the people who will regain the weight they lost on any diet program…and probably more within five years!

I searched for the success rates of Jenny Craig, but can’t find any published. If the rates are like those stated above, they probably don’t want them known. Why would people buy a product that really wasn’t going to work?

Which brings me back to Valerie…

Valerie, didn’t you do your research before you became a Jenny Craig shill? Or were you lured in by the shiny promise of a skinny body and skinny jeans and a younger, sexy self? You thought these things were so wonderful you accepted your paycheck, danced across the screen, and promised the women of America the same thing.

Except what you did was sell the same Culture of Shame you are experiencing now. Doesn’t feel so good, does it? You made ordinary women look at themselves and their lives and found themselves to be lacking…they weren’t good enough. They weren’t thin enough, pretty enough, sexy enough…they had to be less to be more…

And you sang the siren song of Jenny Craig that promised them they would find everything to make their lives oh so perfect if they’d only eat a few packaged meals a day, meet with their very own counselor, and watch the weight melt away. Didn’t work out so well, now, did it?

Now you want our sympathy. Poor poor Valerie…You know you’re not the problem here? It’s the dieting. It doesn’t work. Jenny Craig and all the rest sell snake oil, and they get people like you to buy into it to make the rest of us women believe in them. Because we want to be like you. We want glamorous lives, gorgeous husbands, pretty houses, perfect children, successful careers, and we can’t have any of that until we lose enough weight.


Luckily, the fat community is forgiving and helpful. There is something called Health At Every Size, and I invite you to do some research about it. Maybe you could be a celebrity spokesperson for something healthy and empowering for the 95% of people who have been duped by the diet industry. The only thing you’re promised over here is sanity and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Give me a buzz and we’ll chat. By the way, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Right now. Right here.


3 thoughts on “Poor Valerie Bertinelli…You Should Be Ashamed!

  1. I don’t get her contention that her doc said “don’t get your heart rate up” while she was recovering from her foot injury (I heard her say that in an interview). I love your last line about being beautiful right here, right now. AMEN.

  2. Omg I have felt the same way since seeing that interview. .I really don’t feel sorry for her..as long as she was parading around in a 2 piece bathing suit for Hollywood she was om top of the world..Now they have put her under the bus for a couple pounds.love yourself at the size you are

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