No Deathbed Regrets: Maintain Friendships

This is the fourth of a five-part series on Living A Life With No Regrets.
The beginning article is here if you want to review; part one is here; part two, here; part three, here!


woman in convertibleI cannot stress often enough how important friends are to women. I’ve written about it many times before.

Yes, our families are important, but they cannot and should not be our only emotional outlets. When they are, it puts too much pressure on them.

Every women deserves a best friend she can get completely silly with no matter her age. It’s even better when it’s more than two people getting silly! Laughing so hard your stomach hurts with tears streaming down your face is something we don’t experience enough as we get older.

Friendships take work. They require regular get-togethers and communication. There should be a genuine interest in each other’s lives. It’s a give and take, and the end result is worth it!

Are you having trouble finding friends? Sometimes it takes trying something new and meeting new people. The same people you see every day at work, while dropping the kids off at school or at day care might make great acquaintances, but you might not have the same connection you would have with someone you meet taking a class in a hobby you’re both interested in. Take a knitting class, decorate a cake, or enroll in a adult education class at the local community college. Try something new and open yourself up to a different group of people.

Are you having trouble making time for friends? Like I mentioned above, regular get-togethers are a must for friendships to thrive. But regular can mean different things to different people. Weekly, monthly, quarterly. There’s no pressure. Just make the time! Once you get together, don’t leave without picking the date for your next meeting. This way it becomes a priority.

Are you worried your family will resent the time your spend with friends? Just explain to them how important it is to have the time to blow off steam. Make sure you reciprocate and give your husband time with his friends! They’re just as important!

Still not convinced that friendships deserve room in your life? Remember your best friend from junior high and high school? Remember that feeling of having someone completely in your corner, someone who had your back no matter what? Don’t you want that again as an adult? Yes, you do!

Tell me what you do to maintain your friendships!


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