Parenting Corner: Do Not Help Your Kids Choose A College Major!

parenting corner copyRight now trending on Yahoo! News is an article on the best college majors for your children. I do not want you to even click on it. Step away. You’ll be tempted. You want to be well-informed. You want the best for your children; we all do.

(You just googled it, didn’t you?)

But our help has to stop somewhere. It should have stopped before college, so we’re stopping it right here.

I’m sure the person writing the article had good intentions. Tips for college majors that will result in jobs after graduation are wonderful–but your kids have to be the ones to do the research. Not you.

If your child wants to go off to college and study the lost languages of the lost people of the lost world of Atlantis, you can suggest that might not be a good idea. But you cannot make them change their mind. This is when you start bowing out of the decision-making process and start letting them make their own mistakes and create their own successes.

It’s hard because modern-parenting has taught us to be so hands-on. It’s doing no one any good. Ideally, your child should go off to college and call you once a week. Instead, college-age children call home multiple times a day. There’s the tether created by unlimited family cell phone plans!

Think of this as a continuation of last week’s post about imagination. Just on a much larger scale. If your child cannot handle the task of selecting a major, choosing their classes, handling a budget and household while at school, and successfully graduating, how will they be employable?

Would you want to hire someone who has never done one thing for themselves? No boss I ever had was interested in holding my hand throughout my entire work day. They wanted to tell me what had to be done and then wanted the work to be completed with as little input as possible on their part.

Parents, coddling your kids every step of the way is doing no one any good. Think of the free time you will have if you let loose just a little. You might even have time for some of those friendships I talked about yesterday!


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