Friday Five: Things That Are Good

friday fiveIn honor of Good Friday, how about a list of things that are overall good!

1. My family.

From Jim and his jokes, to Aaron and his passion of the moment, to the twins and their independence…I can’t ask for better. Then there’s my extended family. The best aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins…I am blessed.

2. My friends.

Where would I be without friends? Both the ones I get to spend time with in real life and the ones I only know through social media. Both kinds add so much to my life! I am truly richer because of all of you!

3. My animals.

Unconditional love at its best! The best cuddlers. The best kissers. The best listeners. Need I say more?!

4. Mother nature.

It’s getting to be that time of year when Mother Nature does her best to make us appreciate her artistry! Already the tulips are sprouting. Forsythias are blooming; soon lilacs will follow. I’ll be pruning roses before you know it. The Earth is beautiful!

5. Creativity.

Having a creative whim and being able to act on it is the best! The internet means we have access to instructions when we need them and can buy supplies when we can’t get them locally. Right now I am on a knitting binge. I can’t knit fast enough.

Bonus! Iced tea.

I drink gallons of this nectar each week. Thank goodness for the person who first thought to brew tea leaves! And pour them over ice! What a wonderful idea. Double kudos for people who thought charging a dollar for it was good…oh, it is!


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