Susie vs. The Genie Bra

genie braDon’t get me wrong, the Genie bra is a wonderful invention. There are no snaps, no hooks. They fit multiple cup sizes and they actually do a nice job of fitting The Girls. (Yes, that’s a cutesy euphemism for breasts. Sue me.) The material is lighter than that of a sports bra, so it’s cool enough to wear all day.

But…they aren’t exactly user friendly.

It isn’t just me, either. When I posted on Twitter and Facebook about finally beating the Genie bra, it illicited a lengthy discussion about the challenge of actually getting the Genie bra on and into the proper place on your body. Many women weighed in on different methods.

Some suggested going feet first through the one-piece garment and pulling it into place. Which would work wonderfully if Baby Ain’t Got Back, if you know what I mean.

For those of us with a booty, we’ve got to go overhead. That’s where things get a little dicey.

There have been days where I have actually surrendered to the Genie bra and given up in disgust and chosen a different bra to wear. Sometimes it’s just not worth the effort to wrestle an under garment into place. I think I can relate to girdle-wearers from the olden days!

The key is to start out with the bra completely smooth. No twists anywhere. Because the moment you start pulling it down your arms and over your head, it’s going to start twisting. So minimizing the twistage early on is key to your success!

Warning! Warning! You must be completely dry before attempting to don the Genie bra! Blow dry yourself. Apply powder. Just make sure you are dry. Because damp skin is your mortal enemy! You will never ever get that dampened bra untangled beneath your breasts and into place!

Find the bottom band, tug, and, voila!, your bra is perfect. Adjust The Girls and you are ready for the day.

You think it’s over now, don’t you. But there’s the bra removal.

How hard is it to remove a bra?

When you are wearing a skin tight piece of Lycra that you need to stretch over your head and arms to remove, there’s a real danger of sling-shotting yourself upside the head. This happens when you release the bra too low on your head. The key is to hang on to the bottom band until it is past your head. Otherwise you end up with a welt on your ear. Ask me how I know…and it’s happened more than once. Take me word, it hurts.

OK, I’ve shared my advice for the Genie Bra. What about you? Anything to offer?

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